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Week 8 2023 Season

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     You may read Muttley's comments about "stupid outcomes" below. The big "Stupid Outcomes" question I have this week is what in hell happened in Denver. I could understand Kansas City losing a game against any of the better NFL squads but to go to Denver and sh*t the bed! There is no logical explanation for that that I can see.

      After I posted the Wallow last week I realized that I had messed up the Play Of the Week award. In truth last week's award should have gone to BadGasBrown, Brady Bunch, Dos Cervezas, Grumpie Bear and the Squash Brothers who all backed the Vikings on MNF. Well done all of you and I apologize to any of you who felt slighted last week.

     Muttley wrote to me this week,"Woof woof woof……I sure hope this is not the start of NFL stupid outcomes." Well Sandra, I have to say that any week when I don't win is a stupid outcome so NO this is not the start of that.

      Kiss My Ace sent in a note this week, "Hi Rick Just thought I’d let u know I’ve resorted again to my grandson doing my picks this week… Lol Maybe he can do better? Fingers crossed �� Kb" Not that I am desperate you understand, but I did ask, just for a friend, as to what he would charge without the family discount. I received a very pleasant surprize when Karen replied, "He’s willing to give “Your friend” the family discount… Lol" I said I would get back to her, I just have to make a trip to the bottle depot. After I saw this week's results I was glad I didn't   my friend didn't scrounge up his fees too quickly. I think the little bandit took money under false pretenses.

      You can read his intro below but after he received a mention in the Email of Hope this week Grampiebear send me a note, "Hey, its Grampiebear not Grumpiebear" Well, if I received an EofH I can guarantee that I wouldn't be grumpy about a simple typo. LOL

      GrampieBear sent in an intro this week. Fred wrote, "Sorry this has taken me so long to reply, totally new at this! Davis Koleman (son inlaw) introduced me to this pool, my grandkids call me Grampie and I have always been a Bears fan (and a Boston Bruins fan) since I was young! so.....Grampiebear, and we live in a tiny town Calmar in Alberta, Canada" Welcome to the pool Fred and we hope you have a better record than the Bears this season.

The Rotters Report

The Venados

In 2001, Mrs Rotter and I took a holiday to Mazatlan, Mexico. While there, we decided to take in a baseball game of the local team, The Venados (The Deer). It was a playoff game of the Pacific Mexican League. To explain, Mexican baseball is just a cut above Triple A ball. You have major leaguers who are at the end of their careers, young major leaguers who wishing to improve their skills during winter ball and young ball players on their way up to the Bigs. It is tough, gritty ball, just like the Mexican people.

The Venados were managed by Tim Johnson, former manager of the Toronto Blue Jays. The game had a bit of everything including an argument between Johnson and the Umpire, nose to nose, just jawing at each other. Eventually, Johnson kicked sand on the Umps shoes and was immediately ejected from the game along with the offending player that was the subject of the dispute. The Venados did eventually win the game.

What caught my attention though, was an older black player for the Venados. He was one of these players from the Bigs wishing to extend his career a bit longer. (Sorry, I can't remember his name). He was the shortstop or 2nd baseman and was small in stature. This must have made his strike smaller. He had a very discerning eye for balls and strikes and he crowded the plate. What made him exceptional was he never had a hit during his 4 or 5 rotations at bat but he got on base every time because of a walk or struck by the pitcher. It was his play that won the game for his team.

All in all, it was a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon, in the stands drinking a cervaza or three on a hot day.

The Email of Hope

TTTMan continues to have the lead in the Email of Hope standings with 11 EoH. Watt’s Up is in second place with 7 EoH. There are now 4 Franchises tied for third with 6 Emails of Hope each. They are: Mustard Man, Jet Picker; Oldhusky.270 and Show Your TDs. For those of you who wish to see the complete Email of Hope standings, please click here.

Note: the winning dollar amounts are a week behind as the winners are not known at time of writing.

The Monica Award - Blunder the Hungarian ended up 14 points short of adding to his winnings this season. Logan had a good week but you had to be very good week to reach the podium this week.

    The POW Award - There was not a lot of competition for the POW this week. Nobody was silly enough to pick Denver to thrash the Chiefs. There were seven franchises (BadGasBrown, The Chainman, Dinky, The Jetpicker, Sarge. SassyChassis and Shawn Leblanc) that backed the Panthers to get their first win of the season and they win this week's much coveted award. I would be remiss if I did not give a little sugar to Grampiebear for picking the Titans with a rookie QB for 200 points. Well done all of you.

    The Celler Dweller - I hope our pool treasurer The Chainman is not upset about his dismal showing this week. Remember, he has our money. In truth he earned 380 points this week which is not terrible. Of course if the KC Chiefs had played football this week Doug may not have looked so inept.

   Without further ado, this weeks winners, and we honour and congratulate them are....

1st - Brady Bunch Davis wrote in, "Big shout out to Grumpiebear who is my silent, shy father in law for the extra money he is contributing to the pool this year. But a bigger shout out to KC for playing like the Edmonton Elks. " All I can add to this is that now I don't feel bad about calling Fred "GrumpyBear"

2nd - Green Giant - No response to his EofH but I notice that he picked the Vikings over the Packers. So loyalty vanishes pretty quickly when money is involved.

3rd - Mustard Man - No Response to his EofH. We are not at the half way point in the season and already Andrew has a nive profit.

4th - Polecat - No Response to his EofH. If the trend continues Harry will win a share of 3rd and 4th place next week and add $45 to his earnings.

This week I found a quote from Aesop the Greek philosopher who said, Be content with your lot; one cannot be first in everything. Yeah, but I just want to be first in one thing - this pool!

       'Til next week then...

          The Rhino

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