The Rhinos Wallow Week 11 2023 Season

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      I must admit I felt a bit dumb after mucking up the EofH and possible winners last week, but when I won a share of 4th place I felt so much smarter, The sun shone brighter and people were nicer. I can only imagine how brilliant, charming and personable I would feel if I were to actually win a week. In truth I would probably be in insufferable ass. Gosh I would love the chance!

      After last week's MNF "snatch defeat from the jaws of victory" performance the Bufallo Bills fired their offensive coordinator. I guess it was obvious that he was responsible for the "12 men on the field" penalty when the Broncos missed their first attempt at the winning field goal. If not that he must have been responsible for the 2 all out blitzes that allowed Denver to march down the field to be in position to attempt the winning field goal. Maybe they just threw all the assistant coaches or coordinators names in a hat and the unlucky one whose name was picked got to be the sacrificail lamb, or goat. Whatever, it seems that, at least for this week the message was received.

     I have never spent $230 million USD. Hell, I have never even spent $230 million Canadian pesos, but if ever I was in a position to spend that kind of coin I would hope to get more for my money than the Browns are getting from Deshawn Watson so far. Truth be told, if they were to pay me a lot less than that (I very hopefully had about 4-5 million in mind, but I am willing to negotiate) I would be quite willing to not play for them too. I would even do it for Canadian dollars. Put Me In Coach - NOT! I know that that is a baseball song but the sentiment applies.

      I bet you all look forward to watching the week 12 game between the Patriots and the Giants. I saw it referred to as the "Superbowl of Sadness" as the winner loses by reducing their chances of getting into position to draft a viable QB.

      Apparently the Squash Brothers were so happy about winning money last week that they felt no need to enter picks this week. No chance of a "squeaker" this week. The dawg is probably happy as he can't be blamed for this.

The Rotters Report

Do Canadians Have Bigger Balls?

Yesterday, we had the 110th version of the Grey Cup (take note, Super Bowl 58). The Alouettes (Horned Larks) beat the Blue Bombers with an upset win. It is the first time the two teams have ever played against each other in the Grey Cup.

The question sometimes arises, are Canadian footballs bigger than American footballs? I thought I would dangle that question before you and give it full exposure. The specifications for ball size for both leagues are exactly the same, however, there are size tolerances (meaning some balls can be slightly bigger or smaller but still be within specs). There is an agreement between both leagues and the football manufacturer that balls that are slightly bigger are sent to Canada and the slightly smaller ones are sent to the USA. So there you have it, Canadian balls are microscopically bigger. The only way to tell the difference between each league’s balls is the Canadian balls have two white strips painted on them. Take that Shylock.

The Email of Hope

TTTMan continues to have the lead in the Email of Hope standings with 10 EoH. Shawn the Blanc is in 2nd place with 9 Emails. The Rotters has moved into sole possession of third place with 8 Emails. There are 4 Franchises tied for 4th with 7 EofH each. They are the Assfault, Jet Picker, Show Your TDs and Watt’s Up. For those of you who wish to see the complete Email of Hope standings, please click here.

Note: the winning dollar amounts are a week behind as the winners are not known at time of writing.

The Monica Award - Blunder the Hungarian ended up 6 points away from sharing a third of 4th place. I doubt that Logan would even deign to accept small change like that. When you have already won $180 another $10 would merely be chump change. Dinky, on the other hand, or should that be "in the other hand"? Anyway, Richard would almost double his winnings for the season. That might even arouse his interest. Of course, if they both got the 6 points there would have been a 4 way tie for 4th place and the arithmetic would have been a challenge for me.

    The POW Award - It was an easy call for this week's POW award. Watt's Up was the only contestant in the pool who was daring enough to pick the Giants behind Tommy DeVito to best the Commandos. Mike made a lot of points vs the rest of the pool with this pick and easily earned this week's award. I would also like to give a little recognition to the 7 franchises that picked the Packers to upset the Chargers this week. Well done all of you!

    The Celler Dweller - It is pretty hard to disparage somebody who earns 432 points for the week, but I because it is JakeDSnake I will do my best. Some weeks 432 would be a respectable score but when the winner of the week amasses over 750 points (actually 764, but who is counting) this is a bit of a dismal showing. The best you can say is that there is room for improvement.

   Without further ado, this weeks winners, and we honour and congratulate them are....

1st - ComeOnRef - Did not respond to EofH - Brent had his win sewed up prior to the MNF game. That has to be relaxing.

2nd - Kiss My Ace -sent this on Sunday "Just thought I’d let u know I kept it in the family this week and let my daughter do the picks.. Lol Go Denver!" Maybe Karen should have also added "Lets Go Philly" because she needed them to win too in order to reach the podium. I am not sure if it is nice that she is providing employment for the family or bad that she is too lazy to make her own picks.

3rd - Dos Cervezas - Did not respond to EofH - At this rate he will be able to afford "much cervezas" at the end of the season. Enough to do liver damage.

4th (T)- Juker - John responded to his EofH, " Sniffing the $ again best of bad luck to everyone involved in the best of good sportsmanship I'm capable of LOL" Well John,I wouldn't care to state how often I have hoped other players would step into a big steaming pile of dog sh*t so I cannot, in good conscience berate you for a lack of sportsmanship. I suspect that others in the pool are better people than we are... well, maybe not.

4th (T)- Simpfeld14 - Did not respond to EofH

This week's quote is from Groucho Marx who once said,"I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn't it." That sounds like me watching the football games broadcast this week.

       'Til next week then...

          The Rhino

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