The Rhinos Wallow Week 12 2023 Season

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      At the top of the pool the Rotters insurmountable lead (my words, not his) has shrunk considerably. After the Sunday night game there were 6 franchises within 200 points of Ross with 6 weeks to go. Nothing much is going to change after the MNF game. One misstep or a hot week by anyone near the top of the pool could change things quickly. This could get interesting.

      I did not watch the Black Friday game between the Jets and Dolphins as I had to darn some sox and sort my belly button lint collection but I read about the last play before the half. I just wonder what you would call that when you attempt a Hail Mary and it becomes a pick six? Flail Mary? Hell Mary? Anyway, I don't know what the Jetpicker thinks but I think you can put a fork in the Jets this year. In truth I don't think that the Aaron Rodgers experiment will ever work out in NY.

      I read on Friday that some couple from Toronto got married on a streetcar. Well, big deal! As featured in the movie El Camino Christmas, Bhi Bhiman sings in the song Ballerina that he go married in a Wal-Mart. In the comments on you tube somebody @JimmyWashburn4902 comments that "My third ex-wife and I actually got married in a Wal-Mart." which I found to be the funnies comment on our society that I could imagine.

      It is of no consequence to many of you but it is to me. The lowest ever yearly points in the pool since the 18 week schedule began is 7290 by Yung Padawan last year. Next week many of our franchises will surpass this total. Because it involves work for me I am hoping that nobody ends up in the HOF 10 Worst Years this season. Of course I also hope nobody ends up in the 10 Best Years area also which means I hope nobody earns more than 10952 points. Dare to dream Rick.

      The competition for the Streak prize has been thinned considerably when Polecat extended his streak by picking the Cowboys to lasso the Commanders on Thursday. Some of us were hoping Harry would make the mistake of taking the Lions as his top pick but he is wiser than that. BTW - a shoutout to Shifty (note - I did not omit the "F" when printing your name this time Fred) who helped me when I had messed up the streak a bit a couple of weeks ago.

      After his good showing last week and my comment about possible liver damage Dos Cervazas sent me a note this week, "Feeling good about last week. Now able to buy beers for the pool. Liver function tests last week all normal. The Eagles are awesome but Jacksonville will break hearts by the end of the season." I suspect that the beers are for Matt's swimming pool which is too bad as I thought for a second that he was going to buy beers for everybody in our pool. Of course that would require a lot more winnings I suspect.

      After watching the results I am wondering if Kiss My Ace's family has Black Friday deals on making picks for the rest of the season. Just asking for a friend, of course. Karen insisted that it was not laziness that caused her to have family members make her picks for her. I suspect that the true reason is that she is almost (note I said ALMOST) as bad as I am at making picks. Her descendents on the other hand, seem to be pretty talented.

      I thought I should let you know that the Email of Hope will be late next week. Sunday is the day of our annual Condo Christmas party, gift exchange and (hopefully) brawl. I am Santa at the gift exchange and do my best to incite violence when people steal gifts. Anyway, sometimes Santa is a bit tipsy by the end of the evening and I find it best not to go near my computer when that happens so I will be sending out the email as it should have gone out but it will be a bit late. On the "don't go near your computer" idea for sure, and I stress this - do not go near your computer and your investment account if you trip over a bottle of wine. That bit of free advice is my gift to you.

      My wife and I went to the Play "Shrek - the Musical" this week and this song ended the performance. My wife suggested that everybody in the pool should listen to this song because sometimes in this pool you have to be a believer. That is all you have to cling to.

The Rotters Report

Fiducial adjective, accepted as a fixed basis of reference or comparison.

So in November 1963, I am into my second month of my first permanent job. It was with a forestry crew stationed in Smithers, BC. My crew did its field work about 50 km south of Houston, BC. We worked from a four man crew trailer but it is Friday, November 22nd and we are cleaning the trailer getting ready to leave for Smithers. We were listening to the local radio station when breaking news came on that President John F Kennedy had been shot. Everybody that was alive and old enough to remember knows exactly what they were doing at that moment. It is a fiducial point in history that marks our lives.

My second fiducial point followed within 6 months of the first. It was Good Friday, March 27th, 1964. I was on a date with a Smithers girl and we were taking in a movie. During the performance of the movie, the theatre started to rock quite violently and the projector image swung back and forth on the movie screen. It turned out to be the largest earthquake ever registered in North America. It was the 9.2 magnitude earthquake at Anchorage, Alaska, some 1500 km from Smithers.

No. 3, I was staying in the Forest Service Bunkhouse in Terrace, BC. One of our work mates had a Yukon Mickey (Texas Mickey) of Canadian Club Rye Whiskey. We all teased him, “When are you bringing out the Mickey for sampling?” “Only on a special occasion” he said. Well, Sunday, July 20th, 1969 proved to be that occasion. It was the first live telecast from the outside world for the Terrace TV station, CFTK and they were showing Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. Needless to say, we put down a good portion of that rye whiskey.

No. 4, on Sunday, May 18th, 1980, my wife and I were camping near Dickson Lake just north of Mission, BC. In the morning, we let our little Scottie Dog out of the tent to do his business. Suddenly, he bolted back into the tent, borrowed his way to the bottom of the sleeping bag; he was shaking and would not come out. “What is wrong with this dog?” we both asked. 20 minutes later, we found out. There was a large, loud explosion somewhere to the south of us. We did not know exactly what it was until we got back home that day. It was the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in Washington State some 400 km from Dickson Lake. No. 5, I will only mention briefly as it is the most recent and everyone will know this one. It simply goes by the name “911”.

So those are some of my fiducial points of my life, how do they compare with yours?

The Email of Hope

TTTMan continues to have the lead in the Email of Hope standings with 10 EoH. The Green Giant and Shawn the White are tied for second place with 9 Emails. The Rotters is in sole possession of third place with 8 Emails. There are 4 Franchises tied for 4th with 7 EofH each. They are the Assfault, Jet Picker, Show Your TDs and Watt’s Up. For those of you who wish to see the complete Email of Hope standings, please click here.

Note: the winning dollar amounts are a week behind as the winners are not known at time of writing.

The Monica Award - Watts Up ended up 18 points out of the money this week. The consolation for Mike is that he missed out on adding to his winnings for the season, not getting his first winnings for the season.

    The POW Award - This week's POW award was decided on the first game of the schedule. BadGasBrown and the Green Giant were the only two in the pool to pick the Packers to maul the Lions and they made a lot of points vs the rest of the pool with this choice. They both 12 points and everybody else missed points on this game, 21 missed 200 points and another 11 missed 150. That is quite a swing and truly worthy of this week's award. Well done guys!

    The Celler Dweller - Sassychassis had a truly dismal week. She trailed the next lowest franchise by over 120 points. Of course losing point on Detroit and another 150 on the Vikings did not help her cause.

   Without further ado, this weeks winners, and we honour and congratulate them are....

1st - The Green Giant - $teve responded to his EofH, "I’ve won a week and as the great John Madden said “Winning is a great deodorant”. Now it’s time to eat a turducken!!"

2nd - The Rhino - Last season I never even received an Email of Hope with either of my teams. Now I am hoping to win a little bit more just to pay my entry fees. As for dreaming of anything else, well, that would just be silly. You should savor the moments of victory in this pool because they are rare! Well, for me they are for sure.

3rd - Come On Ref - Did not respond

4th - The Killer Whales - Did not respond

There is a quote that I have been waiting all hear, hoping for the appropriate opportunity to use, "It's never just a game when you're winning." Of course I had to wait until I was among the weekly winners before I would use it.

       'Til next week then...

          The Rhino

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