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Week 16 2023 Season

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      Just a reminder that because of the way the schedule is arranged for the final two weeks of the season the last email of hope for this year has gone out. You will just have to figure out for yourself what your chances are a the games are being played.

      There were a few surprizes this week and the playoff picture changed a bit. The Steelers apparently did not know that they were supposed to lose and neither did the Patriots. The 49ers also did not know that they were supposed to win, nor did the Chiefs. Things did not go according to plan for a lot of people and employment prospects will change because of that.

      I must admit that I doubt that Santa Claus will have left anything except a lump of coal for some of you. After I sent out an email about viewing my website with a VPN and suggested that you might want to send me a bottle of wine and that would solve all of our problems a couple of you indicated in no uncertain terms that you were unwilling to share the family booze supply. I don't think all of you understand the Christmas message. It is better to give than receive, especially if you are giving to me.

      Apparently the crowd sang "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" to Mason Rudolph after he led the Steelers to victory over the Bengals on Saturday. I suspect that many in the pool were less enamored with his efforts.

     I received this note from Beau The Dope this week, "I’m thrilled to have finally been recognized for all my hard and studious work. I owe much gratitude to too many people to mention. Muttley’s mom feeds me regularly, and she’s a swell kisser, too. Re: Tin Cup, I’ll continue to strive. B the D" Well, apparently the concensus is that Muttley's mom is a swell kisser Kneel. At least that is what they all tell me. As for the Tin Cup - all it takes is one hot week and there are two weeks left. There is still hope... well, unless you have passed Spuzzum. If you have passed Spuzzum you are beyond Hope.

The Rotters Report

2023 Email of Hope Final Wrap-up

Due to NFL scheduling, week 16 is the final week for the Emails of Hope. However, this is a bonus this week, as the Rhino did double the amount of Emails of Hope (8 possibilities instead of the usual 4). So with that in mind here is the final wrap-up of the Email of Hope Standings: To receive an Email of Hope from the Rhino each week is important to Pifflers. The more you receive, the better the chance of winning money. Receiving the email is equivalent to football teams being in the red zone which they want to convert to points. In our case, we want to convert the email into money.

Hail to our champion, The Green Giant with 12 mentions in 5 Emails of Hope, which he was able to convert to $240.00,
Second goes to SassyChassis, who had a wonderful week 16, ended up with 11 mentions in 3 Emails of Hope. This converted to $120.00,
Third went TTT Man with 10 mentions from 3 Emails of Hope, converting to $240.00,
Tied for 4th was Muttley, Jet Picker, Shawn Leblanc and Bigfart Family with 9 mentions,
Muttley had 4 Emails of Hope, which converted to $345.00,
Jet Picker had 4 Emails of Hope which converted to $240.00,
Shawn Leblanc had 5 Emails of Hope, which he converted to $30.00
and, the Bigfart Family had 5 Emails of Hope, which they converted to $0.00.

If a franchise received an Email of Hope with 4 mentions, it means they were guaranteed winning money for the week. There were 16 of those type of emails sent of which TTT Man received 2 (this was the only franchise with a multiple, the rest were all singles). Note: week 16 required 8 mentions to be guaranteed money. There were 5 franchises that did not receive an Email of Hope.

For those of you who wish to see the Email of Hope standings, please click here.

A BIG THANK YOU and job well done to our DOYEN, Rick the Rhino and to our treasurer Doug the Chainman for administrating the best football pool, bar none. I wish all of you, a Happy, Prosperous and Much Better New Year.

The Rotters' Reports will return next season (week 5?).

The Monica Award - Jamacia Flava came within 4 points of getting his first winnings of the season this week. He has only two weeks left to get that small bit of improvement that will put him in the money.

    The POW Award - Pickle and Jamaica Flava easily gained the most value for one pick this week by backing the Raiders to upset the Chiefs. They made points on a game that 7 franchises had Kansas City as their top pick and the average value was almost 100 points for the Chiefs. Pickle also did well as the only franchise to take New England to win. Those who backed the Steelers also deserve a little sugar. Well done all of you. Notice how generous I am with praise on Christmas.

    The Celler Dweller - Apparently somebody has been a bad dog. Muttley only earned 320 points this week which, considering that the winner totaled 762 is pretty dismal. Sandra... Sit!... Stay! don't rollover and play dead!

   Without further ado, this weeks winners, and we honour and congratulate them are....

    Only one of the winners responded to the EofH this week as they were probably doing important things like celebrating Christmas with their families and drinking eggnog. Nonetheless, well done all of you.

1st - Sassychassis -

2nd - Pickle -

3rd - D Man - Darin did send out a response, "Rick also forgot to say is that D-Man can win also with an Eagles win! A Few combinations ,the Eagles need to win though for me! hope I didn’t jinx myself & get turkey a little too early! Merry Christmas to all of you!" The Eagles did win (the only favourite to do so among the last three games to do so) and Darin did have a winning week and a small Christmas kiss, so to speak.

4th - Killer Whales -

      This week I have a quote from an anonymous source that seems appropriate at this time of year, “I was going to quit all my bad habits for the new year, but then I remembered that nobody likes a quitter.” Ponder that as you think on your resolutions.

       I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year...

          The Rhino

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