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Week 18 2023 Season

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      As the season ends I would remind you once again that you should ensure that our treasurer The Chainman has your instructions for your winnings and your contact information.

     Speaking of the Chainman, I would like to thank Doug for the work he does, collecting, tracking and distributing the winnings. As always I wish he was distributing a bit more in my direction but I guess my failures are on me.

     I would also like to thank the Rotter for tracking the EofH and for the column he writes weekly starting week 5 every season. It is a lot of work and research for Ross and his tales are often instructive and informative. I must admit that my favourite this year was the history of our pool, the PFL.

      I am grateful that while you pointed out my errors (I made too many of them I admit) this year you were always polite about it. I thank you for that. I also appreciate the kind words that people have sent me through the season. A small emotional boost sure helps at times.

     I thank you all for participating in the best NFL pool around. Some of you have made money and you have satisfaction in that. For the rest of us - I cannot say that I hope you had enough fun to justify your entry fee as there is, in truth, more frustration than fun in this pool, but I can say that I hope you had enough challenge and entertainment to warrant the effort and expense it has taken. If nothing else I always feel that you learn a lot by competing and if you have not won anything you have had 18 weeks of participation for about $6.28 per week. There are not many bargains like that available these days.

      I will update the HOF page is a day or two and blast out an email when it is done. Looking ahead I believe that I will be adding a lot more names to the Lowest Season area then to the Highest Season.

      We had a bit of a dilemma this season. TTTMan ended up with the lowest score for the season and in theory should receive the Grand Cellar Dweller (Wiffle Cup) but Frank failed to submit picks for 8 weeks this year. I thank my brother in law, The Rotter for coming up with the idea of creating the Dropout award which will annually go to the Franchise that fails to enter picks most often during the season.

      The Monica Award - The final little loved Monica award for this week goes to Dobies who really was not that close to the podium this week. Well, I guess 14 points is not that far off the mark when you compare it to some who ended up over 400 points away but it is not like Doug was 2 points from adding to his winnings.

    The Grand Monica award is given to the franchise that finishes closest to but not in the final prize pool. The tough part of this award is that after 18 weeks of competition Dobies also ended up 80 points from being in the year end prize pool. Now that is a tough week.

The Tin Cup The Tin Cup goes to the highest finisher with no winnings for the season. All of us (except the one who wins it) celebrate this award and are grateful that somebody else (anybody else) was the winner. This year we all get to sneer at #1 Fan who ended up in 15th place and never won a nickel. Consider that the Jetpicker won the Wiffle Cup and won $240. It is somewhat appropriate that Adam should not win any of our money this year because he was the one who forgot the first principle of the pool - bring in a friend who has money but no football knowledge. He introduced the Green Giant who apparently has a bit of knowledge about the NFL and certainly has enough money, but it was our money before it became his money.

    The POW Award - It was an easy call for this week's POW award. Beau The Dope and Polecat were the only ones in the pool daring enough to pick the Giants to upset the Eagles. They made a lot of points vs the rest of the pool with this choice. Well done fellows. You both win the final POW award of the season.

    The Celler Dweller - For this week we all get to sneer at Jamaica Flava who ended up with 274 points for the week, two fewer than BadGasBrown and almost 500 fewer than this week's winner. When you think on it that way it is a pretty dismal way to end the season.

    The Wiffle Cup or Grand Celler Dweller The Chainman and I made an executive decision that the Wiffle Cup should got to the participant with the lowest score who actually took part in most of the season. This year that happens to be the JetPicker who coincidentally happens to be the Chainman's son. If nothing else this should make family dinners more interesting!

    The first annual Dropout award goes to TTTMan who as mentioned earlier failed to enter pick for the last 8 weeks of the season. I really cannot say "well done Frank".

   Without further ado, this weeks winners, and we honour and congratulate them are....

1st - JakeDSnake - Achieved a break even year on the last week of the season. That has to be kind of cool. Jake wrote, Looks like I saved it for the last week. 17 weeks of lessons learned paid off. It feels good to best my arch rival Big Head Big Brain and be in the green for the season. Thanks again Rhino for another great season! I calculated I joined the pool in 2007 so I have been in it for more than half of my life. Donating most years lol! We all donate Jake, be it money, self esteem or reputation.

2nd - BigHead - He has been hot right at the end of the season. Another 2 or 14 weeks and he would have won the pool.

3rd - Brady Bunch - A lot better than last year and more importantly, just enough to do better than Dad. I am confident that Davis will mention that a time or two through the year.

4th - The Rhino - When I win I feel like I am almost mentally on a par with the rest of you. The rest of the time, in this pool I feel like I am deficient. I kind of like it when I feel like (almost) an equal.

And now this years winners...

4th - D-Man - Just when the season seemed like a bust Darin managed to eke out a profit.

3rd - Big Head - A pretty good season but it has to be frustrating hoping for some success for the first 16 weeks then achieving most of it at the end of the year.

2nd - Killer Whale - Van wrote me a nice note which included "Hi Rick thanks for everything .I Just want to say I need a lot of HOPE. 1st I hope to win the week then I hope to make the playoffs next I hope to win the year Now I hope everyone has a HAPPY NEW YEAR. congrats to the winners " Well Van, we all start every season and every week with Hope and end up in Spuzzum - Beyond Hope. Thank you for the kind words and keep plugging!

And drum roll please.... This years winner and our new Champion is...

1st - Green Giant - Steve sent in his final thoughts for the year "If I win, my wife might have to catch me for a Lambeau leap. Id like to especially thank the #1 Fan for inviting me to the league and everyone in supporting my wifes spending habits.
Go Pack Go!! "

      Whatever kind of season you have had in the pool, good, average or bad you may do well to ponder the words of Mike Ditka who said "Success isn't permanent, and failure isn't fatal. "

       As is usual I will close out the season with a little Willy, pun intended

'Til next year then...

          The Rhino

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